Student Resources

EDS Student Handbook

Please click here for a copy of the EDS Student Handbook.


Resource Program

The resource program offers academic services to students who have been referred by the classroom teacher as being in need of additional academic support. Students are accorded services for remediation and curricular enhancement, individually or in small groups. The resource teacher also functions as a consultant to the classroom teacher. Additionally, the resource teacher is responsible for the implementation of individual and group testing and for interpreting the results for both parents and staff.  Please email Jill Connett, Director of Academics,  at for further information.

Outdoor Education Opportunities

Teachers are encouraged to reach out to the community to enrich their curricula. Guests are commonly invited into the classrooms to enrich studies so the children may experience new depth in many subject areas. Field trips in curriculum areas, as well as cultural experiences, are also encouraged. Classes take an average of four field trips each year.  A special overnight camping trip is taken by the fifth grade each fall. All fifth graders attend a three day camp located on the coastal regions of North Carolina called “Sound to Sea”. Here they study barrier island ecology, coastal region habitats, and participate in a group challenge course.

Online Library Catalog

The EDS Library catalog is available online – click here to access the library from anywhere! We even have a mobile app (click here)! You will need to enter as the server, the port defaults to 80, and the library is edsnc.

Accelerated Reader Program

Reading is one of the great joys of life, and crucial to everything we do as active members of society.  The challenge to every educator is to ensure that all students achieve maximum reading growth.  The Accelerated Reader program is based on the fundamental principle that practice improves reading.  The program involves three simple steps:

  • A student selects and reads a book
  • The student takes the AR quiz about the book
  • The computer adds the quiz results to its database and generates a report for the student and teacher

A quarterly report is sent home for parents.  This program is used by students in 1st – 5th grades.  The books are located in a special section in the EDS library.  Click on this link to access the  Accelerated Reader Program website.

 World Book Online Reference Center

Episcopal Day School subscribes to the award winning World Book Online Reference Center.  This online center contains all 22 volumes of the print set plus an atlas, dictionary and special section on North Carolina.