Resource Program

The resource program offers academic services to students who have been referred by the their classroom teachers, and need additional academic support.

This program serves children in grades K-5, and provides remedial, as well as enrichment activities, individually or in small groups, in the resource classroom. Students meet with the resource teacher for one to three days a week.  Each session lasts 30 minutes.  The amount of time needed is related to the needs of the child, plus the classroom and resource schedules.

Students who work with the resource teacher for remediation focus on specific academic goals set by the classroom teacher.   For example, a student needing remediation in mathematics would receive that support while the balance of his or her class is also studying mathematics in the classroom.  When these goals have been met, the student returns to a regular classroom schedule.

Students in need of enrichment may explore a variety of topics in the following subject areas: mathematics, science, writing, literature, and thinking skills. Topics in the past have included forensic science, Shakespeare, topology and creative problem solving.  They are encouraged to design and research topics of interest, and present that research to classmates, teachers, and parents.

The resource teacher also functions as a consultant to the classroom teacher, providing assistance with specialized student instruction, as well as offering suggestions for curricular differentiation and class projects/lessons.

In addition, the resource teacher is responsible for individual assessments, as needed, throughout the school year.   Finally, standardized testing is conducted each Spring for students in grades one through five.