Specialized Classes


artEpiscopal Day School students are given instructions in basic art, art appreciation and art history.  Original finished products are created using various media and hand-made projects are completed with quality and longevity in mind.

Art history studies for grades 1 through 5 include Ancient Egyptian Civilization, The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, North Carolina Arts and Crafts, American Art History and 20th/21st Century Art.  Students are provided with hands-on activities to further their understanding of each historical period.

Grade 4 and 5 students are offered membership in The Episcopal Day School Art Club.  Throughout the years our art club members have been involved in altruistic projects within our school community, such as scenery for the Christmas concert and the annual auction fund raiser.

The children are encouraged to recognize art in nature and our environment, and to value art and artistic expression in our daily lives. Art fosters improved spatial reasoning, visualization, fine motor skills development, and creative thinking.  Most importantly, is the self-confidence that is developed in students through the work they create.


computersThe goal of the computer/technology skills program at Episcopal Day School is to provide students with the essential knowledge and skills they need to be active learners in a technologically sophisticated environment.

The curriculum is a balanced instructional program with a continuous progression of skills from preschool through grade five.  Students develop these skills in the areas of keyboarding, word processing, graphic programs, data analysis with spreadsheets, desktop publishing, information gathering from the internet and the use of multimedia software for presentations.  Students are also taught the responsible use and application of technology.

Class work is done independently, and collaboratively, as a means of acquiring, integrating and applying technology in a variety of ways.  A graduating fifth grader will have all the skills needed to: use a word processor to complete a writing assignment, produce a spreadsheet to display and analyze data, access telecommunications to find information for research purposes, and create a presentation using multimedia software.

Our state-of-the-art computer lab is updated (2014) with nineteen new networked Dell computers with 20″ flat panel screens, two color printers, and school-wide access to the Internet.  In addition to the lab, there are computers located in every classroom. Each teacher received a new Dell laptop and we are developing a pilot program for tablets. We remain the leader in computer education for elementary schools throughout the Sandhills.



The ability to speak and write Spanish is an invaluable skill for the 21st century. Our goal is to lay a foundation for further study of the Spanish language.

Our Spanish program focuses on communication in an environment that does not separate the language from the culture.  The classroom is designed to surround students with everyday activities and vocabulary.  The vast world in which Spanish is spoken is brought into each student’s experience by way of historical celebrations, stories, games, holidays, map study skills, music and art.

Our mission is to teach Spanish, the language and the culture, in an enjoyable and positive manner, focusing on communication and appreciation of the similarities and differences between our two cultures.



libraryThe mission of the Episcopal Day School’s library is to support the school in achieving its educational goals.  By providing a variety of experiences in the library, students develop a love for books, an appreciation for literature, and an understanding of how to gather information.  The library houses a collection of over 5,000 books, magazines and reference materials.  In addition, our Accelerated Reader (AR) program is offered to students on every reading level.  The library is available to students at regularly scheduled times during the week, and for independent study during non-scheduled times.

Annual Book Swap: Every year in November, the library hosts a school-wide “Book Swap” to celebrate National Children’s Book Week.  To participate, each student brings four books from home (books they no longer read or want) and “swap” them for three books brought in by other students.  The students love this event!

Book Fair: Another annual event is the EDS Book Fair.  This library fund raiser is supported by students, faculty, parents, and is open to the general public.  This event has grown to be so large and successful that it is now held in the church Parish Hall.  Using a different theme each year, the whole school gets involved in decorating the hall.  The book fair kicks off with a family night from 6:00-8:00pm and continues during school hours for the remainder of the week.    The library benefits from the sale of each book,  and past book fairs have allowed EDS to the purchase new books, software, subscriptions to online encyclopedias, and computer equipment.


musicMusic at Episcopal Day School is a multi-sensory experience where each child is given the opportunity to sing, play instruments,  move and create. Children discover that music is not only fun, it is also a lifetime adventure. Classes are based on an instructional approach which includes jazz, classical traditions, as well as a study of various classical and jazz composers. Children also begin to learn how to read and write music.

Two special musical programs are presented during the school year.   Each December our “Old Fashion Christmas Concert” is held.  In the spring, the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students perform a musical, which is chosen by the Music Club. The Music Club is open to any interested 3rd, 4th or 5th grade student and meets after school once or twice a month. The purpose of the club is to share the music from our concerts with others, especially the residents of Penick Village.


Physical Education

pysed2Episcopal Day school provides a well-rounded physical education program for all students. It offers each student a strong basis of lifetime fitness, sports, and recreational skills. The curriculum is the SPARK program which has been honored as an Exemplary Program of the U.S. Department of Education. SPARK is the only program to earn “PE Gold” grades K-8.

The annual Episcopal Day School field day is a special event that takes place each  fall. All students participate in age appropriate events and games.  Older students, grades 3rd – 5th, are divided into mixed grade teams, and compete in team building and problem solving activities, as well as traditional athletic activities.

The Episcopal Day School Fall Fitness Club is an after school activity that is open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.  This club focuses on improving student fitness levels with fun cardiovascular (including distance running & sprint training), strength, and flexibility activities.  Basic track & field skills (baton hand-offs, relays, long jump, etc.) are learned as well. In the early winter of 2014, members of the club will train for a local 5K race.


Resource Program

resourceshakes0903The resource program offers academic services to students who have been referred by a classroom teacher since they are in need of additional academic support.

The program serves children in grades K-5.  The program provides remedial and enrichment activities, individually or in small groups, in the resource classroom. Students may meet with the resource teacher from one to three days a week for 30 minutes each visit.  The amount of time is determined by the needs of the child, and the classroom and resource schedules.

Students who attend for remediation work with the resource teacher on specific academic goals set by the classroom teacher. When a student’s goals have been met, the student will no longer have to attend these sessions.  Parents are notified if, and when, this occurs.

Students who attend for enrichment explore a variety of topics in the following subject areas: math, science, literature, and thinking skills. Topics in the past have included forensic science, Shakespeare, topology and creative problem solving.

The resource teacher also functions as a consultant to the classroom teacher, providing assistance with specialized student instruction as well as suggestions for curricular differentiation and class projects/lessons.

Finally, the resource teacher is responsible for school wide testing throughout the school year. Testing for new students is done individually and as needed during the year. Standardized testing is conducted each spring for grades one through five.


Sacred Studies

scared_studiesThe Episcopal Day School began as an educational and spiritual extension of  Emmanuel Episcopal Church. A goal was to reach out to as many people as possible in the surrounding communities. Episcopal Day School offers  families an opportunity to engender their children’s academic and spiritual development in a loving Christian atmosphere.

Twice a week, students and faculty members gather for Chapel in the Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  In addition, students attend a class entitled Sacred Studies once a week. It is led by the church’s Youth Minister. The services are planned around biblical themes, always focusing on God’s love for each individual and His covenant with the community of faith.  The church calendar, with it’s various seasons and festivals, lends excitement to each service. Parents are always welcome to attend Chapel services and sit with their child or children.