Engaging the Mind, Body & Spirit

Board of Trustees

About EDS’ Board of Trustees

The board of trustees of EDS is a group of 12 individuals, all of whom are deeply committed to the future of the school. Together, they are positioning EDS to continue being an exceptional educational opportunity in the area for the next generation of students. Consistently, discussions about the future of the school are always framed by the question, “Will this decision allow EDS to continue to realize its mission of engaging the mind, body, and spirit of every student?” Collectively, the board has one employee, the head of school. They charge the head of school with managing the day-to-day operations of the school. Trustees do not, nor will not, have conversations with parents, or others, about faculty members, the school’s programs, or other operational matters. These should be shared with the head of school. Trustees are elected for a three year terms, which can be renewed once. Trustees offer unique skills and interests to the board, and to the school as a whole. It is anticipated that the current board will write a new strategic plan in the next 2-3 years. The board meets every six weeks. Parents who are interested in being considered for board service should write a letter of introduction and address it to:  Chair, Committee on Trustees. This expression of interest can be submitted to the staff in the main office of EDS.


Executive Committee

Board Members

Kate Petsolt
Chairman (Class of 2018)
Holly Bell
(Class of 2017)
Billy Carter
Vice Chairman (Class of 2019)
Liz Dalrymple
(Class of 2017)
Kamron Monroe
Secretary (Class of 2015)
Holly Floyd
(Class of 2018)
Rick Palmer
Treasurer (Class of 2018)
Mitch Lancaster
(Class of 2019)
Melody Miller McClelland
(Class of 2019)
Missy Quis
(Class of 2018)
Christopher Rhue
(Class of 2018)
Keri Van Scoyoc
(Class of 2018)
Joseph B. Vaughn
(Class of 2019)

Ex-Officio Board Member

Thomas G. Brereton
Head of School

Special Guests & Representatives

John Oettinger
EEC Vestry Representative
Teresa Harrison
Faculty Representative